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We help teams solve complex problems, answer big questions, spark creativity, and work better together with remote and in-person design thinking workshops, design sprints, and expert facilitation.


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Your organization NEEDS Dana. Her studied Design Thinking approach, blended with her expertise from years in the field, give her rare insight as a mentor, coach and leader. Your work will never be the same.

Emily Lytle-Painter, Hyland’s, Inc

Emily Lytle-Painter

The workshop brought back the “light” in how I think.

Marla Knapp, Bluescape Software

Marla Knapp

Thanks to the sprint, I now have a deep understanding of design methods that hours of reading could not have given me. I’m inspired and better equipped to strengthen our institution, and prepared to hit the ground running

Brittany Bordeaux, Office of the Treasurer, National Gallery of Art

Brittany Bordeaux

I took Dana’s workshop on using improv games in design sprints at Google’s #SprintCon and left energized and refreshed. It was one of the best sessions at the conference. Dana has done a lovely job of taking classic, super-fun improv games and linking them to the key moments in a sprint.

Daniel Stillman, The Conversation Factory

Daniel Stillman

Increase your team’s problem-solving superpowers with design thinking.

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