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We help you solve complex problems, answer big questions, spark creativity, and collaborate better with virtual and in-person design thinking workshops, design sprints, and expert facilitation.


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Brava, women of Designing Insights! Your design thinking sessions with our staff were exciting, thought-provoking, and engaging. You’ve taught us the power of taking risks, learning through prototyping, and creatively imagining the future.

Linda Harrison

Linda Harrison, Newark Museum of Art

The design thinking bootcamp was a turning point for my team. It solidified a way of working that is more open and transparent, and has given us a systematic and proven working method.

Lynn Russell

Lynn Russell, National Gallery of Art

The amount of work we accomplished in the sprint would have taken months to do in most companies. The sprint left me with many new insights and techniques to quickly tackle the problem and iterate.

Marie Shatara

Marie Shatara, Bleacher Report

I really enjoyed the pace of the design sprint. It never became boring or lecture-y! And I took away the power of flaring with no limits while brainstorming … this is where the great ideas appear.

Mel Harper

Mel Harper, National Gallery of Art

Work “outside the box” with design thinking.

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