Adapting and Iterating in the New Workplace: Going Remote in a COVID-19 World

Woman working remotely on laptop

It’s an incredibly difficult time, and everyone is managing the global crisis differently. Some consultants and small businesses have gone into overdrive, relentlessly pitching top ten lists about #remote tips and tricks, others are taking their time to mindfully and carefully figure it out, and some have already closed shop.

At Designing Insights, we feel fortunate to fall in the middle. We do not claim to be experts at 100% remote work, because we have spent the past seven years refining and iterating on our immersive, in-person experiences.

However, given the current reality, we are now developing new programs that will bring our expertise to the remote workplace. Mastering the mechanics and tools of this is the easier part; it’s building the space for creative, supportive, and high-energy work in a remote setting that is more challenging.

Not surprisingly, we are taking a human-centered design approach to exploring this, and we are confident that our expertise in facilitation, collaboration, and creativity will translate to the remote space.

Remote Warm-ups, Icebreakers, and More

We are immersing ourselves in the best practices of remote facilitation, remote collaboration, and virtual workshop delivery, as well as the best-of-breed platforms and systems that make this work possible.

We are also running some invitation-only experiments around remote warm-ups, activities, and games from improv. If you are interested in participating in one of these experiments, please contact us.

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