Design Sprints

Design Sprints

Our customized design sprints—which can be done remotely or in-person— help your team solve big problems, align around solutions, and complete projects faster.

What are design sprints?

A design sprint is a step-by-step, multi-day system for solving complex problems and testing big ideas, and is being used by organizations around the world to build better products, services, and programs.

Design sprints are collaborative efforts that combine best practices from design thinking, business strategy, and innovation management to quickly align teams around a shared vision and clearly defined deliverables.

Originally developed at GV, a spin-off of Google, the process was codified in the Sprint book, and has since been expanded and refined upon by teams at Google and other organizations.

What makes our sprints unique?

We don’t follow a rigid, cookie-cutter approach to sprints. Our process—whether its delivered remotely or in-person—blends the latest practices and methods, customized to each client. We don’t believe that the same approach works for every organization, and as such, we tailor each sprint for the specific organization.

In addition to blending methods, we incorporate tools from improv into our sprints. The type of improv that we leverage has been described as “radical cooperation in action,” and is an incredibly powerful tool for building productive, creative, and collaborative teams. 

Whether you work for a large, established institution or a scrappy start-up, it’s likely that you and your colleagues will need to adapt, communicate, and collaborate in order to run a successful design sprint. The improv that we incorporate in our sprints gives you the skills to do this effectively.

Offered as 2, 3, and 4-day sessions.

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Sprint Offerings

Custom Design Sprints

We facilitate bespoke design sprints that help you answer complex questions, align your team, and rapidly move your project forward.

Improv Games Lab

This immersive experience equips your team with games and warm-ups to supercharge your virtual meetings, remote sprints, or in-person gatherings.