Improv Games for Design + Collaboration Cards

Improv games for design sprints

These cards are an essential resource for anyone who leads remote or in-person meetings, design sprints, or workshops. By incorporating short, focused games from improvisational theater into meetings, sprints, workshops, or other creative sessions, you can build trust and flexibility, foster comfort with ambiguity, and empower your team members to be better, bolder design thinkers.

Games and warm-ups for remote and in-person design and collaboration

The cards contain over a dozen games that are mapped to the different phases of the design sprint and design thinking frameworks. The cards outline which design methods are best paired with each game, as well as how much time is needed.

In addition to the physical deck of cards, we now have a downloadable, print-at-home set of cards with games adapted for remote/virtual teams!

The gold standard of games in workshops is when the game helps the team evoke and clarify the mindsets and skills needed for the next phase of the work.These cards link classic, super-fun improv games to key moments in design sprints.
– Daniel Stillman, The Conversation Factory

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