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Improv games for design sprints

These cards are an essential resource for anyone who runs collaborative meetings, facilitates design sprints, or leads creative workshops. By incorporating short, focused games from improvisational theater into sprints, workshops, and meetings, you can build trust and flexibility, foster comfort with ambiguity, spark creativity, and empower your team members to be better, bolder design thinkers.

What are these cards all about?

The deck contains 15 cards on sturdy, glossy card stock. Each card contains a unique game or activity that you can incorporate into a design sprint. The cards indicate which phase of a design sprint or the design thinking framework the game maps to, as well as which specific methods it is best paired with.

full deck of improv cards

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The gold standard of games in workshops is when the game helps the team evoke and clarify the mindsets and skills needed for the next phase of the work. Dana has done a lovely job of taking some classic, super-fun improv games and linking them to the key moments in a design sprint when they’d be most helpful.
Daniel Stillman, The Conversation Factory
These cards are among the latest weapons in my workshop toolkit. I have been successfully trying out the games in my team meetings. The cards are amazing!
Aniruddha Kadam, LinkedIn


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