Research + Strategy

Research + Strategy

Our research and strategy services uncover deeper understandings of audiences’ and customers’ goals, needs, habits, and motivations.

From fly-on-the-wall observations to ethnographic interviews, our exploratory research uncovers opportunities and possibilities, while our evaluative research measures the effectiveness and impact of existing programs, products, and services.

Research is necessary for a successful design project because it gives you a shared basis for decision-making, grounded in evidence rather than in sheer authority or tenacity. And this saves time and money.
– Erika Hall in The Secret Cost of Research

Research + Strategy Services

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The user research and personas that Designing Insights delivered was inspiring, thoughtful, and thorough. It is a foundational piece of research for our project, and my team will refer to it for many months to come.
Liz McDermott, Getty Research Institute
Dana infused energy, insights, and a collaborative spirit into the research and evaluation of a new, cross-disciplinary initiative. She skillfully navigated the nuances of a complex project and delivered a thoughtful and invaluable report that synthesized the learning, themes, and outcomes.
Robin Clark, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art