Design Thinking Workshops + Trainings

Workshops + Trainings

We develop and facilitate remote/virtual and in-person design thinking workshops and trainings in human-centered design methods.

Our Intro to Design Thinking and Design Thinking Bootcamps are hands-on, interactive, and experiential. We combine brief case studies and examples with practical tools you can put into practice as soon as you return to the office.

Are you looking for a new approach for creative problem solving?

Design thinking provokes new ways of seeing, thinking, and collaborating. It can be a powerful tool when the status quo, “we’ve-always-done-it-this-way” approach is no longer working.

Design thinking is a codified, repeatable process for problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. It helps teams work better together to achieve the best possible outcomes.

A unique, human-centered approach

We blend methods from design thinking as its practiced at the Stanford, tools from the design sprint framework, best practices in group facilitation, techniques from the field of applied improvisation, and learnings from the fields of systems thinking and user experience design.

Why do a workshop or training?

Our clients have worked with us to:

  • Cultivate a customer-focused, human-centered mindset
  • Inspire teams to think and work differently and “outside the box”
  • Break down internal silos
  • Develop new programs, offerings, products, and services
  • Engage new audiences
  • Strengthen internal collaboration muscles
  • Foster more inclusive and equitable experiences

What should you expect in a workshop?

We don’t bore you with lots of talking. Our virtual/remote and in-person trainings and workshops are hands-on and action-packed. We combine brief lectures with the application of practical tools you can put into practice as soon as you return to the office. Read our case studies to learn how we’ve helped our clients.

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Our Workshop Offerings

Intro to Design Thinking

In our virtual/remote and in-person introductory workshops, we ground your team in the essential skills and mindsets of design thinking and foster team building and collaboration.