Client Testimonials

I learned several things that I can apply immediately, as well as professional virtual facilitation tips and strategies that I’ll carry forward for the rest of my career … talk about culture changing!

Mark Tippin, Mural

Mark Tippin

Dana was an amazing host and facilitator. I highly recommend her virtual improv games session for both newbies and vet’s in design process facilitation.

Bill Pacheco, Stanford d.school

Bill Pacheco

Your virtual workshop was a HUGE breath of fresh air after 3 months of constant online meetings. I’m actually looking forward to my upcoming Zoom meetings! I can’t wait to share the concepts with my team.

Kate Deveney Chilton, YMCA of Central Massachusetts

Kate Deveney Chilton

What an excellent and energizing online session. Check it out if you are looking to improve your Zoooooom/virtual game. #designthewayforward with #improv in your #toolkit!

Susie Wise, Stanford d.school

Susie Wise

Dana took us through our paces in a highly engaging and interactive session, with plenty of tangible takeaways. Her presentation and facilitation style were fantastic and incredibly inspiring.

Dan Levy, Principal, More Space For Light

Dan Levy

I took Dana’s workshop at Google’s #SprintCon and left energized and refreshed. It was one of the best sessions at the conference. Dana has done a lovely job of taking classic, super-fun improv games and linking them to key moments in design sprints.

Daniel Stillman, The Conversation Factory

Daniel Stillman

What a wonderful and transformative session! It revolutionized how I will approach all future projects. Dana is an authentic, engaging, and effective presenter, and she perfectly balanced active learning with lecturing.

Participant, Getty Leadership Institute at Claremont Graduate University

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Dana’s workshop was excellent — engaging, well facilitated, and relevant. She brought a high-level of content expertise with credibility and a great teaching style. It was a highlight of the program.

Participant, Getty Leadership Institute at Claremont Graduate University

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The session was full of fun (everyone was laughing out loud) + energy + collaboration and super actionable takeaways. I had never related improv to the different phases of a design sprint, but this totally opened my mind.

Aniruddha Kadam, Linkedin

Aniruddha Kadam

Your workshop was both fun and practical! You got us moving and thinking about group dynamics and creativity in new ways, and I learned how to prime participants for each stage in the design process.

Leslie Forman, LinkedIn

Leslie Forman