Our Work

From large, forward-thinking companies to innovative, small museums, we work with organizations committed to building better customer experiences. Our clients, who range from GitHub to the National Gallery of Art, have worked with us to:

  • Re-orient the organizational mindset
  • Grow a customer-focused culture
  • Empower staff to embrace change
  • Think “outside the box”
  • Build a culture of innovation
  • Unlock creativity
  • Drive growth
  • Save time and resources
  • Enhance the customer experience
Design thinking makes you feel like a superhero. It’s empowering and deeply satisfying. Through my work with Designing Insights, I’ve learned how to build empathy, embrace the unknown, and foster effective communication.
Susan Edwards, Hammer Museum


Your workshop showed me that design thinking can be learned, and there are certain steps that can be followed to make innovation easier. Thanks for showing me that I can come up with original and inspiring product ideas!
Pat Pow-anpongkul, Mobile Product Manager, Trulia