Design Thinking Workshops + Coaching: Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Client: Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Project: Design Thinking Workshops, Design Sprints + Coaching
Location: Denver, CO


The Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS) is a 115-year-old institution that welcomes nearly 1.4 million visitors every year. More than 90% of visitors rate the museum at an “exceptional” level in satisfaction surveys, and the Museum has a membership base of over 62,000 households.

Yet attracting and retaining visitors from underserved local communities has been a challenge for the museum, and senior leadership wanted to ensure that the institution is relevant, accessible, and welcoming to visitors from all communities. In response, the DMNS launched a museum-wide initiative to infuse design thinking into their internal DNA, and brought Designing Insights on board to train staff and consult around ongoing design thinking practices.


Through intensive, multi-day design thinking workshops and design sprints, we trained over 100 staff members in human-centered design methods. Team members from every department in the museum participated, including the CEO and trustees, along with personnel from Research and Collections, Exhibits, Marketing, Volunteer Services, Finance, Guest Services, Technology, Food Services, and the Gift Shop.

After our trainings, we provided follow-up consulting to coach the DMNS staff as they experimented with new ways of designing and developing new programs, services, and exhibits.


Staff members have conducted need-finding interviews and collaborative design sessions with local community members, formed internal “affinity” groups to support each other in the design thinking process, run internal brainstorming sessions, set up a dedicated prototyping space, and piloted new community programs and exhibits.

The Museum’s internal Audience Insights department conducted pre- and post-assessments to measure staff’s confidence around using design thinking, and survey results demonstrated that the design thinking process has increased staff members’ self-reported courage around experimentation and risk-taking.

Read more about how the DMNS is infusing design thinking into their internal DNA on our blog, Design Thinking for Museums.

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