Design Thinking Crash Course: Bluescape


Client: Bluescape
Project: Design Thinking Crash Course
Location: San Francisco, CA


Bluescape, a cloud-based visual collaboration software platform, offers an immersive virtual workspace where teams can meet, share, and develop ideas. Leading public and private organizations use Bluescape to ideate, design, and refine concepts, and ultimately create better products and solutions.

Faced with growing requests from customers using Bluescape as part of larger design thinking initiatives, Bluescape wanted to train its sales and product teams in the design thinking framework. The goal of our training was to translate what is traditionally a tactical, synchronous, and on-site experience into the digital and virtual Bluescape platform and explore how Bluescape can enhance the design thinking process.


Our first step was to ground the Bluescape sales and product teams in the essential skills and mindsets of design thinking by taking them through a full design cycle, introducing them to common methods used by public and private organizations, and reviewing case studies of design thinking in practice.

After completing a full design cycle, we explored how the methods, tools, and mindsets of design thinking could be translated to a digital and virtual experience with Bluescape.


Through the design thinking crash course, the Bluescape team identified several ways that their software enhances the traditional design thinking process. Team members identified several key differentiators when using Bluescape in conjunction with design thinking, and identified design thinking tools to apply to current internal company projects as well.

The Bluescape sales and products teams are now using design thinking methods on a regular basis. Some of the ways the Bluescape teams have used and applied design thinking include:

  • Redesigning the Bluescape website to surface how the software fosters ideation, transparency, and collaboration
  • Redeveloping marketing copy using customer-driven language
  • Developing a cohesive strategy for selling into new markets
  • Creating Personas of customers
  • Engaging new clients who are using design thinking
  • Addressing internal challenges by conducting empathy interviews with colleagues

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